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Get luxury home accessories at reasonable prices from top brands like Adorne, Bromic Heating, and Vacuflo. To get help finding the right home accessories for your lifestyle and budget, schedule a free consultation today.

Adorne by LeGrande - Lighting Controls - Imagine More

Adorne by LeGrand

The adorne® Collection presents modern light switches and charging solutions with a bold look and an array of finish options.

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Caséta by Lutron - and More… - Imagine More

Caséta by Lutron

Make the light bulbs you already have smart with Caséta by Lutron smart switches. Lutron works with more smart home devices than any other smart lighting control brand.

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Innova Heating - and More… - Imagine More

Innova Heating

Infrared heaters by Innova produce a clean, safe ray of light that only affects the objects, warming it and not the air around it. This creates an instant sensation of feeling warmth.

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Bromic Heating - and More… - Imagine More

Bromic Heating

Outdoor heating solutions that extend the outdoor experience year-round by providing an added element of warmth and comfort.

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Leak Smart - and More… - Imagine More

Leak Smart

LeakSmart detects leaks and shuts off a home’s water main in 5 seconds or less, protecting your home and everything in it from the devastation of water damage.

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Vacuflo - and More… - Imagine More


Imagine maintaining a clean and healthy home with effortless cleaning. VACUFLO central vacuums provide convenient whole-house cleaning with just one simple system. Learn more about VACUFLO central vacuums here.

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