Don Brehm

After graduating from Colorado State University with a BS in Electrical Engineering, Don spent 20 years working at some of the top technology companies along Colorado's Front Range. His background in engineering project management, product marketing, and business development provide Don a strong foundation for adapting new technology advances into today’s Smart Homes.

“Our customers rely on us to design solutions for their home that take advantage of today’s really cool technology trends, but don’t require an advanced technical degree to operate. Nothing beats the feeling of when you first show a customer how a single voice command can lower the shades, turn on the lights, start their favorite audio playlist, and turn on the fireplace all at once.” — Don, Imagine More

Don enjoys keeping up with new technology advances and determining what is a trend versus what is just a gimmick. Don is constantly searching for products and solutions that either add value to the customer’s home, saves the customer money, makes the home environment safer, or makes the customer’s life easier.

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