Linda Vasquez

Linda has always had a passion for creativity and the concept of emotional design. After graduating North Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communications, she had the opportunity to explore and learn from the fields of graphic design, photography, advertising, and management. She then received her degree in Interior Design and also obtained a certificate in Architectural Drafting and Communication. That journey has brought Linda to the world of Lighting Design.

“Lighting is about choosing the right fixture for functionality, aesthetic satisfaction, and most importantly for how it makes you feel. For each client I encounter, it is an opportunity to create a connection through lighting unique to their home. My hope is to not just pick the best solution for their space, but to also have a design where every client stands out.” — Linda Vasquez, Imagine More

With her detail-oriented design, strong work ethic, adaptability, and diverse approach Linda aims to give clients long lasting results. She strives to build relationships and truly invest time in making a great experience for whichever stage a client's project is in.

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