Shea Gale
Windsor Showroom Manager
Certified Lighting Designer

Shea joined the Imagine More team in 2013. Since then, she has worked hard in diversifying her knowledge within everything we sell. She has gone to trainings for Window Coverings, Cabinets, Lutron Smart Lighting Systems and Shades, and she is currently focusing on becoming ALA certified, in hopes for that to be completed in the early part of 2020. While she has focused most of her energy towards our specific products, she has also completed many classes to work towards her Interior Design degree.

“Make it simple, but make it significant... And do it with a smile on your face!” — Shea, Imagine More

At Imagine More, she strives to gain relationships with her clients to make their experience with Imagine More and their whole project, the best, easiest, experience possible. Her largest priority is to be sure the client is satisfied and she has done her absolute best to stick with the client from start to finish during project by following up and following through with all of their wants and needs.

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